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Fintech News & Views: Interview with Nvoicepay President Josh Cyphers

Fintech in Focus caught up with Josh Cyphers, president of a leading automated B2B payments provider Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company. He gave us insights on how payment automation influences the economic picture for companies across industries. We discussed a range of topics, including B2B payments beyond checks, payment strategy, supplier experience, fraud prevention and more. 


Women in Fintech: Interview with Raquel Adamschek

In this Women in Fintech segment, Fintech in Focus highlights Raquel Adamschek, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales and Dealings at Cambridge Global Payments. While Raquel’s education wasn’t obtained as traditionally as what might be expected, she built her professional career through experience and hard work. She discusses how she imparts this experience to her team and offers sage advice to our listeners. 


Fintech News & Views: Interview with Cambridge Global Payments President Mark Frey

Fintech in Focus talked to Mark Frey, President of Cambridge Global Payments, a FLEETCOR company. We explored the impact of cross-border payments and currency risk management within the COVID-era economy, and discussed topics like payment rails, fraud mitigation, APIs and more.



Women in Fintech: Karla Friede

Karla Friede is a trailblazer in the fintech space. In this episode of Women in Fintech, she chronicles the industry experience she gained over 30 years and offers insights to those interested in this space. 


Women in Fintech: Catherine Dahl

Catherine Dahl recounts her journey from a college student to CEO of Beanworks and beyond. As someone who has witnessed many changes in fintech, she offers her perspective on the future of the industry.


Fintech News & Views: Integrated Payments-Friends, Enemies & Co-opetition

Integrated B2B payment solutions--which work within ERPs and other business software--have been key to helping AP teams stay flexible during the remote work era. Subject-matter experts Don Banowetz and Byron Biggins detail how those solutions have also forged relationships in the business landscape.


Fintech News & Views: How SWIFT GPI Has Transformed Cross-Border Payments

Three years ago, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) launched their Global Payment Initiative (GPI) to streamline the cross-border B2B payment process. Now payments that used to be untraceable and take days to arrive take minutes and can be fully tracked. We asked Cambridge Global Payments product owner Navneet Dhami for the details, and like SWIFT GPI, she delivered. 


Women in Fintech: Colleen Yeager

Colleen Yeager is the Chief Financial Officer of Jama Software, a product development platform. She describes how her background in psychology and accounting supported her ability to provide a positive work environment to her employees at Jama. Colleen also discusses her 2018 Ted Talk, and how her transgender son's journey of self-discovery inspired Colleen to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive workspace.


Fintech News & Views: Comdata Corporate Payments President Rick Fletcher

Fintech in Focus talked to Rick Fletcher, President of Corporate Payments at Comdata, a FLEETCOR company. We talked about the roles of payment automation and virtual cards for businesses during the recovery, and discussed topics like payment strategy, expense management, fraud mitigation, and more. 


Women in Fintech: Rhonda Power

Rhonda Power is the Senior Vice President for the Global Enterprise Management Group at Cambridge Global Payments. Many of her strengths and interests, such as her international experience and background in history and literature, lend themselves to her success. In this episode, we explore Rhonda's story and the idea that success doesn't always have to stem from following a traditional leadership career path.


Fintech News & Views: The Enterprise Payments Journey

Offering your clients an international payment solution when they need one is a strategic win. Every day, the Enterprise Payment Group at Cambridge Global Payments collaborates with multiple organizations on their journeys towards building best-in-class solutions for their clients. Subject-matter experts Don Banowetz and Chris Morris describe what it takes to create a global payments offering that enhances your client relationships.


Women in Fintech: Ora Goldman

Ora Goldman, founder and CEO of Mekorma--which offers ERP software integration--is a consciousness-centered business leader, mentor, and activist. In her 25 years of experience, she's seen her fair share of challenges and successes. Through it all, she came to care deeply about leaving a legacy beyond dollars and cents. As such, she's proud to spend her days collaborating with a close-knit and highly innovative team of professionals, dedicated to improving the AP workday for our customers and partners. She also founded 1 Act a Day, a non-profit organization that focuses on human and animal rights, and environmental issues.


Fintech News & Views: Affiliate Marketing

The rise in online shopping brought on by the pandemic has been accompanied by substantial growth in the affiliate marketing industry. But latent issues have come to the forefront, including how the affiliate marketing industry should solve challenges regarding international payments. Cheryl Girling, Enterprise Sales Director at Cambridge Global Payments, chats with us about how modern automated payment technologies can enable affiliate networks to manage their payments to the publishers, and mitigate challenges.


Fintech News & Views: Automated Payments ROI with Mark Brousseau

Mark Brousseau of Brousseau & Associates reviews key points in part one of the Corpay webcast series that he's moderating, Embracing the Value of Payment Automation. The first webcast is entitled "Payment Automation ROI – A Real-World Example". In it Mark Romito--Director of Finance for Upper St. Clair township near Pittsburgh PA--describes the immediate gains in work hours, savings and rebates that his city saw after switching from manual payments to a more streamlined system.  


Women in Fintech: Dr. Rosine Salman

In this episode of Women in Fintech, we interview Dr. Rosine Salman, who is the Senior Product Manager at Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company. Rosine's past professional experiences, which span from Apple to the United Nations, instilled a lesson which she imparts to us through the course of our conversation: championing the end user. Tune in to learn more about Rosine's incredible professional experiences.


Fintech News & Views: Why Integrated Payments with Sage Intacct Make Sense

Because Sage Intacct has been a primary player in the cloud-based financial accounting software market, Cambridge Global Payments has considered it a key strategy to integrate international payments with Intacct. Sanjeev Jain, Senior Product Manager at Cambridge Global Payments, joins us to discuss the factors around creating integrated international payments for Sage Intacct in a way that delivers maximum benefits to Intacct users.  


Fintech News & Views Bonus: Improving AP Efficiency, Visibility and Analytics with Mark Brousseau 

Mark Brousseau of Brousseau & Associates reviews key points in part two of the Corpay webcast series that he's moderating, Embracing the Value of Payment Automation. The second webcast is entitled "How Automated Payments Improve AP Efficiency, Visibility and Analytics". In it Mark talks to Nvoicepay solutions expert Maggie Schroeder, whose experience as a CPA rounds out her insights into how payment automation brings AP efficiency to the next level, and help inform strategic decisions for both AP and Finance teams.


Women in Fintech: Historical Highlights - Ada Lovelace

In this special episode of Women in Fintech, we will be diving back into history to honor the story of Ada Lovelace. Though she was born in the early 1800s, she is considered to be one of the first computer programmers. She is known to have written command sequences for a mathematical machine--the earliest computer--created by Charles Babbage. Tune in to learn more about Ava and her contributions to early computing.


Fintech News & Views Bonus: The Virtual Card Advantage

As the latest evolution in credit instruments, virtual cards represent a step forward for companies that seek to better control and safeguard their B2B and employee expense payments. We asked Comdata VP of Commercial Product Management Keith Axelsen about how virtual cards have changed employer attitudes towards expense management, and how Comdata has integrated VCs into a comprehensive commercial payment platform.  


Fintech News & Views Bonus: Building Your Immunity to Fraud Risk

Mark Brousseau of Brousseau & Associates reviews key points in part two of the Corpay webcast series that he's moderating, Embracing the Value of Payment Automation. The third webcast is entitled "How Automated Payments Help Build Your Immunity to Fraud Risk". In it Mark talks to Corpay Information Security expert Jeremiah Bennet about how automation enables companies to mitigate fraud risk and protect their payment process.


Year End Wrap Up

In this year end episode, our podcast hosts Ron Nachmann and Alyssa Callahan break down highlights from both our series: Fintech News & Views and Women in Fintech. Be sure you stay tuned until the end of the episode for an announcement about the direction of the podcast! Excerpts include guests like Nvoicepay cofounder Karla Friede; Josh Cyphers, President, Corpay Payment Automation; Rick Fletcher, President, Corpay Commercial Card; and Mark Frey, President, Corpay Cross-Border Solutions.


FinTech in Focus explores B2B payments and AP praxis in the age of automation. We discuss the issues facing CFOs, controllers, treasurers, and on-the-ground AP teams, and celebrate the talent and ideas that contribute to the global fintech industry.


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